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Amos A. of Santa Maria CA Reviews TeleDirect Call Centers

by Amos J Alexander (Santa Maria, CA) on March 28, 2012
Salesperson: Moises Velez

Moises was my first contact when I was considering call centers for my new business idea, which is to give people an easy-to-remember number to dial for helpful services. He helped me to understand how TeleDirect could serve as a hub for my startup business. The big benefit he helped me see was that TeleDirect could help build the scripts at first.
Moises was always positive and very responsive. He guided and helped me feel confident that TeleDirect was indeed the place to build up this hub.
I'm very glad I have a good group of people like Moises and the whole TeleDirect team behind me during this launch of a new realm of services that I know will help people around the world and create much financial abundance.

Amos Alexander
Halo Beacon

    TeleDirect Call Centers 5 2012-03-28

Review by Jason Apter (Bethesda, MD)
on September 22, 2011

Salesperson: Moises Velez

"I tried using 5 other call I'm with TeleDirect and I'm very happy"

    TeleDirect Call Centers 5 2011-09-22

Review by James Sykes (Nashville, TN)
on September 1, 2011

Salesperson: Moises Velez

I was  pleasantly surprised and elated at the results!

    TeleDirect Call Centers 5 2011-09-01
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