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TeleDirect: Value Added Service

by Jim Toddy (Gilbert, AR) on November 21, 2011
Salesperson: Darlene Pardue

"TeleDirect Call Centers has been a value added service for my business. I can not image how I would function as effectively as I do without TeleDirects services helping me with my business."

Jim Toddy
Toddy & Associates, Inc

Our reply

Thanks Jim!  We appreciate your business and it is our plan to continue to provide our clients a partnership to help them grow their business.


TeleDirect Team

    TeleDirect Call Centers 4 2011-11-21

TeleDirect: Smooth and Hassle-Free!

by Laurie Rietsema (Plattsburgh, NY) on August 26, 2011
Salesperson: Darlene Pardue

Working with Darlene Pardue and the team at Tele-Direct is the smoothest, most hassle-free part of my job as a membership coordinator who oversees pledge drives.  The professionalism, friendliness, and efficiency that she brings to her job is unequalled and the bottom line is that if Darlene does not immediately have the answer, she WILL find it and get back to me in short order.  

Our reply

Thanks Laurie, working closely with PBS stations is one of the things that TeleDirect is very proud of!  We strive to ensure that we are the smoothest part of an otherwise crazy time for any PBS station, thank you for your feedback!

    TeleDirect Call Centers 5 2011-08-26

Review by Deborah Chacon (Phoenix, AZ)
on August 26, 2011

Salesperson: Darlene Pardue

Darlene Pardu is the person I always want to speak with when calling for assistance or new reservation dates.  She is helpful, patient and a pleasure to speak with. The entire staff is professional.

Deborah, Van Houten and Associates, Inc.

    TeleDirect Call Centers 5 2011-08-26

Review by Metha Pace (Sacramento, CA)
on July 21, 2011

Salesperson: Darlene Pardue

As family business owners our relationship with Tele Direct Call Center has allowed us to leave work at work. In the beginning we were apprehensive about giving control of our calls to a call center. The team at Tele Direct Call Center has proven to be professional, courteous, and intuitive to our professional needs. Darlene Pardue is warm and a delight to work with.

    TeleDirect Call Centers 5 2011-07-21

Hot Transfers is a great service!

by Edo V. Crecchi (Concordia, MO) on February 7, 2011
Salesperson: Darlene Pardue

It was our first time with TeleDirect, we had a pretty complicated campaign that involved a million or so leads needing to be qualified and assigned to a particular campaign.  There were 12 related campaigns and 2 general ones.  It was such a complex process that we had two serious falling out with two other call centers we first outsourced the project to.  We were already thinking about an exit strategy when I talked to Darlene and she promised that TeleDirect could handle the job.  We gave them a try and month after month, TeleDirect delivered as promised!

Our reply

Thank you for that Edo.

At TeleDirect, we have the hot transfers program to meet the requirements of businesses like you who may have the need to qualify leads and have them directed to another person.  This allows you to maximize your leads, by keeping them open for different and varied campaigns, while also making sure that your receptive leads are handled by the right people.

    TeleDirect Call Centers 5 2011-02-07

Review by Carl Gardner (Castle Rock, CO)
on February 5, 2011

Salesperson: Darlene Pardue

Really appreciate your seminar Edge service. It's great!


Is it possible to request the second confirmation call to made at a later time in the day, perhaps between 6pm and 8 pm? When both calls are made during the day, a lot of calls end with "left message".

    TeleDirect Call Centers 5 2011-02-05

Seminar Edge is still the best!

by Arlene Brown (Douglasville, GA) on December 21, 2010
Salesperson: Darlene Pardue

I've worked with other reservation services in the past and I was so unhappy.  I am glad with my relationship with Seminar Edge to date :).  They have been helpful and accommodating.

Our reply

hi Arlene:

Thank you for leaving a kind review for our Seminar Edge program.  We have worked hard to make sure that our Seminar Edge really gives you the edge when it comes online reservations and answering service.

    TeleDirect Call Centers 4 2010-12-21
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